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Many businesses, large and small, have a huge source of great ideas that can help them improve, innovate, and grow, and yet so many of these companies never think of using this amazing corporate asset. What is this highly valuable asset? Its own people.


Olympic Snowboarders Go for the Gold…Mouthguard!

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Plenty of people were cheering at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea this week when U.S. snowboarders Chloe Kim and Areille Gold captured the Gold and Bronze medals in the women’s halfpipe event. Kim’s routine was virtually flawless, while Gold’s come-from-behind third run was a thrill. It was also great to see Gold putting in her mouthguard before every ride.

How important is that mouthguard? The 21-year-old athlete from Steamboat Springs, Colorado recently said it’s one of the three things she never leaves behind for a competition. (The others are headphones and a water bottle.) What’s more, as viewers could clearly see, the mouthguard she wore for the half-pipe runs had something special about it: It was colored bright gold.

Maybe that color was a tribute to her own name—or to her Olympic dreams. Either way, it’s a reminder to fans everywhere that while winter sports like skiing, riding and sledding are great exercise and lots of fun, they also have the potential to cause injury, including damage to the teeth, face and mouth. So just like a helmet, a mouthguard should be part of every skier and rider’s gear.

What’s the best kind of mouthguard? It’s the one you feel comfortable wearing all the time. A custom-made mouthguard offers the greatest comfort and the best protection against injury. Your family dentist can provide one that’s made from an exact model of your mouth, so it fits just right. And the cost of a custom-made mouthguard is less than the cost of treating even a relatively minor dental injury when you include the time lost from work or school.

Even seasoned pros aren’t immune from accidents—as another competitor at the halfpipe event proved. Australian snowboarder Emily Arthur had problems landing a jump in her third run, and fell face-first into the packed snow. When she got up her face was bleeding, and she complained of sore teeth. Fortunately she received prompt attention, and later joined her family to watch the day’s remaining events.

Whether you’re shredding the local slopes or throwing down huge tricks at the Olympics, remember that injuries can happen to anyone at any time. That’s why it’s vital to wear protective gear like a helmet and a custom-made mouthguard whenever you’re on the snow.

Olympian Adam Rippon’s Smile & Skating Equally Dazzling

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Let’s say you’ve got a big night coming up. Maybe it’s an event you’ve always hoped would be really special. You have great moves, a killer attitude, and a custom-made outfit. What else do you need? How about a fantastic smile!

Adam Rippon, the 28-year-old figure skater who lives in Los Angeles, California, knows how important a great smile is. His “big night” came at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, where he made his Olympic debut in front of the whole world. “This is a moment I’ve been waiting for my entire life,” he said. So before hitting the ice, he had teeth whitening treatments to make sure his smile would be as dazzling as his jumps and spins.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments. It’s best to have whitening done under the careful supervision of a dentist, who can help ensure its safety and effectiveness. Your dentist will begin your treatment with a thorough exam to detect any problems, and will then recommend the most appropriate whitening methods for your individual situation.

In-office whitening is the fastest way to get brighter teeth. Using the most concentrated bleach solutions combined with proper safeguards, your teeth can be lightened by up to ten shades in a single visit. It’s a quick and effective way to get results that will really get noticed. However, if you’re not in a hurry, similar results can be achieved with take-home kits from the dental office. These custom-made kits have plastic trays made to fit your mouth comfortably, and bleaching gels that are safe for home use as directed. In just weeks you’ll see a lighter, brighter smile.

Plenty of TV stars, media personalities and sports icons have teeth whitening treatments done routinely. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to get whitening—countless regular folks do it every year. And if you have a special event coming up, it might be just what you need to make an unforgettable impression.

Rippon’s performance captivated the worldwide audience and boosted Team USA’s medal count; he also became the number one trending topic on Twitter. But whether you’re playing to an audience of billions—or just one—one thing’s for sure: a brilliant smile always gets attention.

Smile for National Children’s Dental Health Month

During the month of February, the American Dental Association creates a campaign for National Children’s Dental Health Month. This year’s campaign gives us the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy smile. Education is one of our most important practice values, and we love getting parents and kids excited about dental care!

Part of a child’s development and overall health includes the health of their teeth and gums. The mouth harbors a lot of bacteria throughout the day and night, which eventually leads to tooth decay if your child’s smile isn’t regularly brushed and flossed. Without proper dental care, children will fall victim to cavities and gum disease, which can cause pain, discomfort, lack of nutrition intake, and missed school.

Brushing with fluoridated toothpaste twice a day for two minutes is key to healthy teeth and gums. Find a two minute song that your kids like and have them brush for the duration of the song (maybe incorporate some dancing to make it even more fun)! Following up with floss is essential to a complete dental health routine.

Check out our infographic for more information on the National Children’s Dental Health campaign, then contact us to set up an appointment at one of our five convenient Charlotte locations!

National Children's Dental Health Month Infographic

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